Iron Light is a full-service creative and marketing agency for clients changing the world.

We are a team of seasoned, award-winning strategists and content creators.


We strive for our clients’ success with steadfast resolve. We roll up our sleeves and dig into any challenge.

Marketing is a world of constantly changing technologies and best practices. It’s our duty not only to keep up, but also stay educated on shifting changes that will impact our work tomorrow.

Your purpose is our purpose. We internalize our clients’ work as our own. Our clients often advocate for change that betters the lives of our neighbors, a goal that is always our north star.


  • Online fundraising campaigns
  • Holistic media strategy
  • Targeted audiences
  • Paid media strategy
  • Google ad grant
Advertising & Media
  • Organizational naming
  • Brand design
  • Style + Persona
  • Key message development
  • Audience identification
Brand Development
  • Formatting of research reports
  • Publication templates and design
  • Infographics + data visualization
  • Donor proposal writing
  • Message development and testing
Content & Messaging
  • Community management
  • Content creation + management
  • Original social + digital content
  • E-mail Campaigns
  • Subscriber Growth
Digital & Social
  • Television + online campaigns
  • Motion Graphics
  • Documentary style videos
  • Custom animation
  • Policy Explainers
Video Production
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content sharing optimization
  • Hosting
  • Maintenance
  • Analytics + Insights
Website Development

Iron Light is a full-service marketing agency. Many of our clients trust us to be their marketing department, and handle all marketing from soup to nuts. Our specialties: Digital strategy and execution, design, and issue campaigns.

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Lisagor Award
Nonprofit PR Award
The Roe Award
The Overton Award
Trendsetter Award
Telly Award

What does iron light mean?

In a foundry, the iron light is the glowing heat that powers change–forging the ordinary into the useful. In science fiction, the iron light is what animates a robot.

We spark the iron light in our partners’ work. That means bringing life and color to their message. It means building the infrastructure needed to champion their transformative ideas. It is the light that turns routine work into purpose-driven projects, which bring about meaningful change in the lives of Americans.

Frank Who?

By now you’ve met Frank, the robot in our logo. He is powered by the iron light.

Frank was a lowly automaton we found wandering the alleys of Chicago, discarded long ago. Infused with the Iron Light, his eyes began to glow, and he slowly started acting of his own accord, performing tasks with the purpose of making the world a better place.

We love Frank.


How can we help you?

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